The three Grand Tours, the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia and Vuelta a Espana are amongst the longest and most famous cycling events on the planet, winning one is a major achievement for any professional cyclist.

With Sports Tours International you can travel to view any of the Grand Tours as we follow them through the route, with VIP hospitality packages on offer for the finale of each.

Tour de France

Giro D'Italia




Tour De France

The Tour de France is the most famous cycling event in the world and one of the most watched sporting events globally. Sports Tours International is an Official VIP Tour Operator of the Tour de France and we have unrivalled experience of the Tour as we have been operating trips to the Tour de France for over twenty years.


Giro D'Italia

We are the official VIP Tour Operator of the Giro d’Italia. Join us in Italy to watch and ride or just spectate.
Exclusive Giro d’Italia VIP access is included in our tours but also available as stand alone tickets on all stages! With exciting stages set to challenge riders and reward spectators with packed cycling action and spectacular surrounding views, don’t miss your chance to be right in the heart of the action for this UCI Grand Tour.


Vuelta a Espana

As in previous editions, the Tour of Spain is characterised by lots and lots of climbing, making it a fantastic spectacle for cycling fans.
Here at Sports Tours International we are proud to be an official VIP tour operator of the Vuelta a Espana which means that we provide unrivaled access to the Vuelta.
We offer daily hospitality options that can be purchased as stand alone tickets and we also offer tours including hotels, daily stage access and transport, bike rental and of course lots of cycling and VIP access.